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Emepelle uniquely helps restore the natural function of Estrogen Deficient Skin non-hormonally for improved firmness, hydration and luminosity. Peri-menopausal and menopausal skin will also benefit from additional anti-aging technologies to help reverse the effects of photodamage and help promote healthy, youthful-looking skin.

This Skincare Set includes these full size products:

  • Emepelle Serum: is a lightweight, oil-free daily serum that helps to reinvigorate skin’s natural source of radiance for more healthy, youthful-looking skin.
  • Emepelle Night Cream: is a luxurious and restorative cream that harnesses skin’s nighttime repair activities to help restore vitality and luminosity to aging skin.

  • Emepelle Eye Cream: is a firming, nourishing and rejuvenating eye cream that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, under-eye puffiness and dark circles for anti-aging benefits and improved luminosity for the eyes. .

Estrogen Deficient Skin Set quantity

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Product Type: Skincare Sets Skincare Concern: Estrogen Deficient Skin

Key Ingredients

Emepelle Serum – MEP Technology®, Vitamins C & E and Ferulic Acid, Niacinamide, Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid

Emepelle Night Cream – MEP Technology®, Retinol, Niacinamide,Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Emollients and Humectants

Emepelle Eye Cream – MEP Technology®, Caffeine, Peptides, Emollients and Humectants

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Emepelle 3 piece set

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  • How to Use

    Emepelle Serum – Apply one pump evenly to cleansed, dry skin in the morning.

    Emepelle Night Cream – Apply nightly to cleansed, dry skin. If you have not previously used retinol, it is recommended to begin using Emepelle Night Cream two to three nights per week and to slowly increase usage as your skin tolerates.

    Emepelle Eye Cream – Gently apply a pea-sized amount to the eye area.  Use once or twice daily, or as directed by your skincare professional. Can be used with Emepelle Serum in the morning and Emepelle Night Cream in the evening.

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